Have You Ever Pushed Something Sensitive to Git by Accident?


I did just that yesterday. In a hurry to get some content live for my website I accidentally pushed a config file to GitHub containing my Twitter, Tumblr and Moves API keys.

My first instinct was to immediately head over to GitHub and delete the file... which of course is simple since file deletion goes against everything a VCS like Git tries to achieve. Deleting the file would only remove it from that version while previous commits and history will still show the sensitive content.

The answer lies in this GitHub help post https://help.github.com/articles/remove-sensitive-data. However, the post missed a few points which had me chasing myself in circles as kept re-committing my config file from my working folder in a recursive nightmare. Hopefully what I learned and captured here will save you or someone else some valuable time.

Boardroom Clock


Pet-peeve: People who completely disregard boardroom scheduling etiquette and squat in a booked room. Not only is this inconvenient over the course of a year but it can equate to a large amount of wasted money as legitimately scheduled users search the office for another available room.

Digital Coffee Table


An oak coffee table I built that has an embedded recycled 22" LCD panel connected to a Raspberry Pi, bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Easy access to web based email and Google for looking up those interesting keywords that you hear on some TV programs.

Google+ Hangouts ON-AIR Lamp


Fed up of being interrupted while on global video conferences I hacked together an on-air lamp to as a do-not-disturb icon. Something like this

VFD Clock


The VFD Clock is a digital clock that I built that uses an old Russian vacuum fluorescent tube display (circa 1960s) in lieu of LED or LCD. This is what a naked VFD tube looks like: